Math 254B final papers (Spring 2002)

The final papers cover topics not included in the main lectures. Thanks to those students who provided electronic copies of their papers for inclusion here.

The Dedekind zeta function and the class number formula, José Alfredo Cañizo Rincón [PDF]
Carlitz modules and the function field analogue of Kronecker-Weber, Li-Chung Chen [DVI, PS]
Brauer groups, Ulrich Derenthal [PDF]
Rank of elliptic curves (an application of group cohomology), Dragos Ghioca [PS]
Zeta functions and L-series for a number field, Carl Miller [TeX, DVI, PostScript]
An introduction to orders of number fields, Pace Nielsen [PDF]
Kiran S. Kedlaya (kedlaya(at)