The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Announcement of winners 
of the sixty-first competition held on December 2, 2000

Winning Teams

Rank School Team Members (in alphabetical order)
1 Duke University John J. Clyde, Jonathan G. Curtis, and Kevin D. Lacker
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aram W. Harrow, Abhinav Kumar, and Ivan Petrakiev
3 Harvard University Lukasz Fidkowski, Davesh Maulik, and Christopher C. Mihelich
4 California Institute of Technology Kevin P. Costello, Christopher M. Hirata, and Michael Shulman
5 University of Toronto Jimmy Chui, Pavel T. Gyrya, and Pompiliu Manuel Zamfir
The first-place team receives an award of $25,000 and each member of the team receives $1,000. The awards for second place are $20,000 and $800; for third place $15,000 and $600; for fourth place $10,000 and $400; and for fifth place $5,000 and $200.

In each of the following categories, the listing is in alphabetical order.

The Putnam Fellows-The Five Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $2,500.
Gabriel D. Carroll University of California, Berkeley
Abhinav Kumar Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ciprian Manolescu Harvard University
Pavlo Pylyavskyy Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alexander B. Schwartz Harvard University

The Next Eleven Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $1,000.
Deniss Cebikins Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Li-Chung Chen Harvard University
John J. Clyde Duke University
Jonathan G. Curtis Duke University
Stephen E. Haas Harvey Mudd College
Kevin D. Lacker Duke University
George Lee Harvard University
James M. Merryfield University of California, Berkeley
Radu H. Mihaescu Princeton University
Carl Alexander Miller Duke University
David R.G. Pritchard Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Next Nine Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $250.
Richard C. Chiburis Harvard University
Lukasz Fidkowski Harvard University
Chad L. Groft University of Maryland, College Park
Pavel T. Gyrya University of Toronto
Aram W. Harrow Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Christopher M. Hirata California Institute of Technology
Christopher C. Mihelich Harvard University
Silviu N. Predoiu University of Pittsburgh
Jared S. Weinstein Harvard University

Honorable Mention--Teams

Princeton University Bob McNamara Clark, Radu H. Mihaescu, and Charles Steinhardt
Stanford University Travis J. Kopp, Siu Taur Pang, and Paul Valiant
University of Chicago Aubrey Clayton, Cameron Freer, and Matthew T. Gealy
University of Waterloo Sabin Cautis, Richard M. Hoshino and Joel Kamnitzer
Washington University, St. Louis Philip Gressman, Arun K. Sharma, and Missaka Warusawitharana

Honorable Mention--Individuals

ETHAN B. ABRAHAM, Harvard University ANDERS H. KASEORG, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
DAVID G. ARTHUR, Duke University MICHAEL J. KHOURY, JR., Denison University
CHETAN T. BALWE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor TRAVIS J. KOPP, Stanford University
MARIUS BECEANU, Princeton University PETER KOZÁK, Bates College
ADRIAN BIRKA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology KARL E. MAHLBURG, Harvey Mudd College
MICHAEL J. COLSHER, Duke University DAVESH MAULIK, Harvard University
RAYMOND M. CASSELLA, Columbia University DAVID NICHOLSON, University of Waterloo
KEVIN P. COSTELLO, California Institute of Technology IVAN G. PETRAKIEV, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ANDREW W. COTTON, Harvard University NICOLA Z. PETROVIC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
EVAN M. FINK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology RISHI RAJ, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
ANDREW D. FROHMACHER, Case Western Reserve University DIMITRIY A. ROGOZHNIKOV, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DAVID J. GAEBLER, Harvey Mudd College PAISA SEELUANGSAWAT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MATTHEW T. GEALY, University of Chicago ARUN K. SHARMA, Washington University, St. Louis
MARKÉTA HAVLICKOVÁ, Massachusetts Institute of Technology DANIEL A. STRONGER, Harvard University
WILLIAM G. HILLEGASS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIHAI H. TOHANEANU, Dartmouth College
RICHARD M. HOSHINO, University of Waterloo DAVID P. VARODAYAN, University of Toronto
JOHN B. HOUGH, Massachusetts Institute of Technology HOETECK WEE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DIMITAR P. JETCHEV, Harvard University DANIEL R. WILCKENS, Rutgers University, Piscataway

Questions Committee

Steven G. Krantz, Washington University, St. Louis (Chair); Andrew J. Granville, University of Georgia; Eugene M. Luks, University of Oregon; and Carl Pomerance, Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs.

A total of 2818 students from 434 colleges and universities in Canada and the United States participated in the Competition. There were teams from 322 institutions. More complete details will appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.

March 6, 2000, Leonard F. Klosinski, Director; Gerald L. Alexanderson and Loren C. Larson, Associate Directors

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