The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Announcement of winners 
of the sixty-second competition held on December 1, 2001

Winning Teams

Rank School Team Members (in alphabetical order)
1 Harvard University Gabriel D. Carroll, George Lee, Jr., and Alexander B. Schwartz
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reid W. Barton, Abhinav Kumar, and Pavlo Pylyavskyy
3 Duke University David G. Arthur, Nathan G. Curtis, and Kevin D. Lacker
4 University of California, Berkeley Maksim I. Maydanskiy, James M. Merryfield, and Austin W. Shapiro
5 Stanford University Kenneth K. Easwaran, Paul A. Valiant, and David T. Vickrey
The first-place team receives an award of $25,000 and each member of the team receives $1,000. The awards for second place are $20,000 and $800; for third place $15,000 and $600; for fourth place $10,000 and $400; and for fifth place $5,000 and $200.

In each of the following categories, the listing is in alphabetical order.

The Putnam Fellows-The Five Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $2,500.
Reid W. Barton Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gabriel D. Carroll Harvard University
Kevin D. Lacker Duke University
George Lee, Jr. Harvard University
Jan K. Siwanowicz City College, City University of New York

The Next Ten Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $1,000.
Nikolay V. Andreev Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew D. Frohmader Case Western Reserve University
Abhinav Kumar Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mihai Manea Princeton University
Radu Horia Mihaescu Princeton University
Christopher C. Mihelich Harvard University
David A.G. Pritchard Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alexander B. Schwartz Harvard University
David E. Speyer Harvard University
Melanie E. Wood Duke University

The Next Eleven Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $250.
David G. Arthur Duke University
Jimmy C. Chui University of Toronto
Andrei Jorza Harvard University
Fu Liu California Institute of Technology
Yuran Lu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ali H. Mohammad Kansas State University
Greta C. Panova Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul P. Pollack University of Georgia
Pavlo Pylyavskyy Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benjamin M. Schak Swarthmore College
Hoe Teck Wee Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Honorable Mention--Teams

California Institute of Technology Kevin Costello, James W. Hegeman, and Michael A. Shulman
Harvey Mudd College David Gaebler, Josh E. Greene, and Stephen E. Haas
Swarthmore College Yijun Li, Amy E. Marinello, and Benjamin M. Schak
University of Toronto Jimmy C. Chui, David Varodayan, Dompiliu-Manuel Zamfir
University of Waterloo Byung Kyu Chun, David Nicholson, and Shu Niu

Honorable Mention--Individuals

DARIO AMODEI, California Institute of Technology HIROSHI MIYAZAKI, University of California, Davis
JOHN R. BATCHELDER, Colorado State University OAZ NIR, Duke University
MARIUS BECEANU, Princeton University BEN L. RICHARDSON, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RENAT BEKBOLATOV, California Institute of Technology TOMOKAZU SATO, Harvard University
ADRIAN BIRKA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology AUSTIN W. SHAPIRO, University of California, Berkeley
RAYMOND M. CASSELLA, State University of New York, Stony Brook DONG (DAVID) H. SHIN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ANDREW CHI, Harvard University MICHAEL A. SHULMAN, California Institute of Technology
RICHARD C. CHIBURIS, Harvard University MICAH J. SMUKLER, Harvey Mudd College
DORIAN E. CROITORU, University of Pittsburgh JONATHAN R. SPARLING, University of Toronto
NATHAN G. CURTIS, Duke University CHRISTOPHER H. SUNG, California Institute of Technology
CHAD L. GROFT, University of Maryland, College Park MIHAI H. TOHANEANU, Dartmouth College
STEPHEN E. HAAS, Harvey Mudd College PAUL A. VALIANT, Stanford University
STEFAN L. HORNET, Princeton University DAVID T. VICKREY, Stanford University
BRIAN D. JACOBSON, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities ASHER WALKOVER, Cornell University
BRYCE Z. JOHNSON, Washington University, St. Lauis ZHONGTAO WU, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MICHAEL J. KHOURY, JR., Denison University MEHMET B. YENMEZ, California Institute of Technology
PO-SHEN LOH, California Institute of Technology KENG HEE YEO, California Institute of Technology
JAMES M. MERRYFIELD, University of California, Berkeley

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize

Winner receives an award of $1,000.
Melanie E. Wood Duke University

Questions Committee

Eugene M. Luks (Chair), University of Oregon; Titu Andreescu, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Andrew Granville, University of Georgia; and Carl Pomerance, Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs.

A total of 2954 students from 453 colleges and universities in Canada and the United States participated in the Competition. There were teams from 336 institutions. More complete details will appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.

March 5, 2002, Leonard F. Klosinski, Director; Gerald L. Alexanderson and Loren C. Larson, Associate Directors

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