The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Announcement of winners of the sixty-fourth competition held on December 6, 2003

Winning Teams

Rank School Team Members (in alphabetical order)
MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Reid W. Barton, Daniel M. Kane, and Yevgeny K. Zaytman
2 HARVARD UNIVERSITY Gabriel D. Carroll, George Lee, Jr., and Alexander B. Schwartz
David G. Arthur, Nikifor C. Bliznashki, and Oaz Nir
5 HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE David J. Gaebler, Jason Murcko, and Andrew G. Niedermaier
The first place team receives an award of $25,000 and each member of the team receives $1,000. The awards for second place are $20,000 and $800; for third place $15,000 and $600; for fourth place $10,000 and $400; and for fifth place $5,000 and $200.

In each of the following categories, the listing is in alphabetical order.

The Putnam Fellows--The Five Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $2,500.
REID W. BARTON Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ANA CARAIANI Princeton University
GABRIEL D. CARROLL Harvard University
RALPH C. FURMANIAK University of Waterloo
DANIEL M. KANE Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Next Eleven Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $1,000.
DAVID G. ARTHUR Duke University
ROBERT M. BARRINGTON LEIGH University of Toronto
ALEX R. FINK University of Calgary
ANDREI JORZA Harvard University
SUEHYON KWON Princeton University
IAN TUAN-YEN LE Harvard University
RICKY I. LIU Harvard University
PO-RU LOH California Institute of Technology
SEVAK MKRTCHYAN University of Pittsburgh
DAVID A.G. PRITCHARD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
EMANUEL I. STOICA Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Next Ten Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $250.
VLADIMIR BARZOV Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MICHAEL C. CATLIN Harvard University
BENJAMIN J. CONLEE Harvard University
STEFAN L. HORNET Princeton University
GEORGE LEE, JR. Harvard University
PO-SHEN LOH California Institute of Technology
ZHONGTAO WU Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RUMEN I. ZAREV California Institute of Technology
YEVGENY K. ZAYTMAN Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Honorable Mention: Teams

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Marius Beceanu, Stefan L. Hornet, and Mihai Manea
UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Daniel S. Brox, Nina Kamoosi, and Max Motlitski
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Boris Bukh, Maksim I. Maydanskiy, and Austin W. Shapiro
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Robert M. Barrington Leigh, Ali Feiz Mohammadi, and Roger S.K. Mong
UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Olena Bormashenko, Lino M. Demasi, and Ralph C. Furmaniak

Honorable Mention: Individuals

TIMOTHY G. ABBOTT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology PRUMOOK KHUNGURN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
JEFFREY M. AMOS, Kansas State University HOANG M. LE, Bucknell University
NIKOLAY V. ANDREEV, Massachusetts Institute of Technology PIERRE LE VAN, University of Ottawa
DANIEL S. BROX, University of British Columbia MARK I. LIPSON, Harvard University
PUNYASHLOKA BISWAL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology SEAN P. MARKAN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NIKIFOR C. BLIZNASHKI, Duke University ROGER.S.K. MONG, University of Toronto
MAURO C. BRAUNSTEIN, Harvard University ANDREW G. NIEDERMAIER, Harvey Mudd College
EVAN M. BULLOCK, Rice University OAZ NIR, Duke University
DUSTIN A. CARTWRIGHT, Harvard University SHENG-FONG PAI, University of Washington
PO-NING CHEN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology VIRGIL C. PETREA, Massaschusetts Institute of Technology
IVAN Z. CORWIN, Harvard University SHUBHANGI SARAF, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DORIAN E. CROITORU, University of Pittsburgh NIKHIL A. SAVALE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
LINO M. DEMASI, University of Waterloo ALEXANDER B. SCHWARTZ, Harvard University
ANDREW J. DUDZIK, University of Chicago DAVID G. SHIN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MAKSYM FEDORCHUK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology DAVID W. SIMMONS-DUFFIN, Harvard University
DAVID J. GAEBLER, Harvey Mudd College GARY L. SIVEK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MICHAEL A. HAMBURG, Harvard University SAWYER J. TABONY, University of Chicago
TIANYI HAN, University of Toronto PAUL A. VALIANT, Stanford University
JAMES W. HEGEMAN, California Institute of Technology ASHER WALKOVER, Cornell University
ROBERT D. HOUGH, Stanford University MEHMET B. YENMEZ, California Institute of Technology
YOUNGJUN JANG, Stanford University JINGJIN ZHANG, Tufts University
DANIEL C. JERISON, Harvard University  

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize

Winner receives an award of $1,000.
ANA CARAIANI Princeton University

Questions Committee

David Callan, University of Wisconsin, Madison (chair); Hugh Montgomery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Byron L. Walden, Santa Clara University.

A total of 3615 students from 479 colleges and universities in Canada and the United States participated in the Competition. There were teams from 401 institutions. More complete details will appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.

March 4, 2004
Leonard F. Klosinski, Director; Gerald L. Alexanderson and Loren C. Larson, Associate Directors
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