The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Announcement of winners of the sixty-sixth competition held on December 3, 2005

Winning Teams

Rank School Team Members (in alphabetical order)
HARVARD UNIVERSITY Tiankai Liu, Alison B. Miller, and Tong Zhang
2 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Ana Caraiani, Andrei Negut, and Aaron C. Pixton
Nikifor C. Bliznashki, Jason Ferguson, and Lingren Zhang
4 MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Timothy G. Abbott, Vladimir Barzov, and Daniel M. Kane
5 UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Olena Bormashenko, Ralph Furmaniak, and Xiannan Li
The first place team receives an award of $25,000 and each member of the team receives $1,000. The awards for second place are $20,000 and $800; for third place $15,000 and $600; for fourth place $10,000 and $400; and for fifth place $5,000 and $200.

In each of the following categories, the listing is in alphabetical order.

The Putnam Fellows--The Six Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $2,500.
OLEG I. GOLBERG Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MATTHEW M. INCE Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DANIEL M. KANE Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RICKY I. LIU Harvard University
TIANKAI LIU Harvard University
AARON C. PIXTON Princeton University

The Next Ten Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $1,000.
ROBERT M. BARRINGTON LEIGH University of Toronto
THOMAS D. BELULOVICH Massachusetts Institute of Technology
RICHARD V. BIGGS Carnegie Mellon University
STEVEN J. BYRNES Harvard University
ALEXANDER R. FINK University of Calgary
PO-RU LOH California Institute of Technology
ALISON B. MILLER Harvard University
THANASIN NAMPAISARN Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ERIC C. PRICE Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Next Eight Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $250.
University of Waterloo
HYUN SOO KIM Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ZHIWEI CALVIN LIN University of Chicago
ROGER MONG University of Toronto
ANDREI NEGUT Princeton University
DIMITER V. OSTREV Yale University
STEVEN W. SIVEK Massachusetts Institute of Technology
LINGREN ZHANG Duke University

Honorable Mention: Teams

CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Justin Blanchard, Po-Ru Loh, and Rumen Zarev
CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY Richard V. Biggs, Paul Zagieboylo, and Chunhua Zhang
STANFORD UNIVERSITY John W. Hegeman, Serin Hong, and Robert D. Hough
UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Robert Barrington Leigh, David Tianyi Han, and Jacob Tsimerman
YALE UNIVERSITY Joshua D. Batson, Lazar Krstic, and Dimiter V. Ostrev

Honorable Mention: Individuals

TIMOTHY G. ABBOTT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology SUNGYOON KIM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BORIS ALEXEEV, Massachusetts Institute of Technology AARON D. KLEINMAN, Princeton University
JAE M. BAE, Harvard University ROMAN L. KOGAN, State University of New York, Stony Brook
JONGMIN BAEK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology GABRIEL E. KREINDLER, Princeton University
JOSHUA D. BATSON, Yale University JOEL B. LEWIS, Harvard University
NATTH BEJRABURNIN, Stanford University JOSHUA J. LIM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
KSHIPRA U. BHAWALKAR, Duke University YUNCHENG LIN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
JUSTIN E. BLANCHARD, California Institute of Technology ALEKSANDAR D. LISHKOV, Princeton University
NIKIFOR C. BLIZNASHKI, Duke University PO-LING LOH, California Institute of Technology
OLENA BORMASHENKO, University of Waterloo THOMAS J. MILDORF, Massaschusetts Institute of Technology
ANA CARAIANI, Princeton University SAMUEL A. MINER, Pomona College
PO-NING CHEN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology PAUL D. NELSON, Princeton University
ANDREW J. CRITCH, Memorial University of Newfoundland VIRGIL C. PETREA, Massaschusetts Institute of Technology
FERNANDO A. DELGADO, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor NATEE PITIWAN, Williams College
ANAND R. DEOPURKAR, Massachusetts Institute of Technology WEI QUAN JULIUS POH, Cornell University
GABRIEL E. GAUTHIER-SHALOM, McGill University VEDRAN SOHINGER, University of California, Berkeley
ELYOT J.L. GRANT, University of Waterloo KIAT CHUAN TAN, Stanford University
MATHIEU GUAY-PAQUET, McGill University MATTHEW J. THIBAULT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
JOHN W. HEGEMAN, Stanford University DAVID W. VINCENT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ROBERT D. HOUGH, Stanford University NATHANIEL G. WATSON, Washington University, St. Louis
NATHANIEL J. INCE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology RYAN B. WILLIAMS, Stanford University
LOZAN M. IVANOV, California Institute of Technology YEOIL YOON, California Institute of Technology
JUNEHYUK JUNG, University of Chicago CHUNHUA ZHANG, Carnegie Mellon University
NIMA KAMOOSI, University of British Columbia TONG ZHANG, Harvard University
DMYTRO KARABASH, Columbia University YAN ZHANG, Harvard University
PRAMOOK KHUNGURN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize

Winner receives an award of $1,000.
ALISON B. MILLER Harvard University

Questions Committee

Hugh L. Montgomery (Chair), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Titu Andreescu, University of Texas, Dallas; and Steven Tschanz, Vanderbilt University.

A total of 3545 students from 500 colleges and universities in Canada and the United States participated in the Competition. There were teams from 395 institutions. More complete details will appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.

March 7, 2006
Leonard F. Klosinski, Director; Gerald L. Alexanderson and Loren C. Larson, Associate Directors
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