Math 206A - Topics in Algebraic Geometry (Spring 2016)

Course description: This course will broadly be about zeta functions of algebraic varieties over finite fields and L-functions of algebraic varieties over number fields. The focal point will be the L-Functions and Modular Forms Database (LMFDB), a recently developed web site that catalogs many types of objects of interest in arithmetic algebraic geometry and the links between them. The LMFDB is scheduled for a public release on May 10; feedback from the course before and after the release will help shape the future direction of the LMFDB project.

The exact goals of the course will not be fixed too thoroughly in advance, in order to be able to respond to the interests of the students. However, some possible topics (based on material currently included in LMFDB or planned for future development) include:

These topics will not be presented in a highly cumulative fashion; there will be frequent "resets" when we change topics.

Instructor: Kiran Kedlaya, kedlaya [at] math [etcetera], APM 7202.

Lectures: MWF 12-1, APM B412. There will be no lectures the weeks of May 9-13 or May 16-20.

Textbook: No required text. In addition to the LMFDB, relevant readings will be posted here.

Prerequisites: Math 203 (may take 203C simultaneously) or equivalent.

Grading: This being an advanced topics course, there will be no formal assignments, but some participation is expected.



Calendar of lecture topics: