Kiran Sridhara Kedlaya

Professor of Mathematics
Stefan E. Warschawski Chair in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Room 7202
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0112
La Jolla, CA 92093-0112
phone: (1) 858-534-2629
fax: (1) 858-534-5273
email: kedlaya[at]ucsd[dot]edu (public key)
social media: none. If you find an account, that's not me!
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News (see also past news)

The BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) program is coming to Los Angeles! (14 Apr 17)

Results from the 2016 Putnam competition are posted here. (7 Apr 17)

Read about BEAM: Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics in the New York Times! (17 Feb 17)

Lecture notes for Arizona Winter School 2017: Perfectoid Spaces are posted. (4 Feb 17)

To my colleagues: if you haven't done so already, you may wish to consider signing onto the Academics Against Immigration Executive Order online petition. (29 Jan 17)

Reminder: my old conference list in arithmetic geometry is no longer supported. See my new list instead. (29 Jan 17)

The website for the UTMOST (Undergraduate Teaching in Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks) project has been updated. (8 Jan 17)

To my funded colleagues: if you use Sage as much as (or more than) I do, I propose that you do what I did: get a professional membership to SageMathCloud as a way to promote further Sage development. (24 Apr 16)

Fast facts (see also my CV)

Teaching: during spring 2017, I will be teaching Math 206A: Topics in Algebraic Geometry (topic: homological conjectures in commutative algebra) and Math 220C: Complex Analysis. During winter 2016, I taught Math 152: Intro to Mathematical Software and Math 204B: Number Theory. See my past courses.

Research areas: number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry. Specialties: p-adic analytic methods in arithmetic geometry, p-adic Hodge theory, algorithms in arithmetic geometry, interactions between arithmetic geometry and computer science.

Editorial activity: Algebra and Number Theory, Nagoya Mathematical Journal, L-Functions and Modular Forms Database. Note that I am no longer an editor for International Mathematics Research Notices.

Directorial activity: USA Mathematical Olympiad committee, Art of Problem Solving Foundation board of directors (this includes governance of BEAM: Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics), Pro Mathematica Arte board of directors (this includes governance of Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education).

Current grants: NSF grant DMS-1501214 (sole PI); NSF RTG grant DMS-1502651 (co-PI). I am also on the advisory boards of two more NSF-funded projects: the UTMOST Project (concerning open-source mathematics textbooks) and the Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry (which includes the Arizona Winter School).

Other: I am an active user and developer of the Sage open-source computer algebra system, both as a standalone application and via the SageMathCloud web portal.

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