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This an archive of news/announcements from my front page (where you will find current announcements).


Registration is open for the 2019 Arizona Winter School on the topic "Topology and Arithmetic". Due to the late opening of registration, the deadline to apply for funding has been pushed back to November 21; general registration closes December 9. (15 Oct 18)

This site does not collect or store any identifiable user data. It is thus compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. (25 May 18)

I finally got around to switching this web site over to HTTPS. This apparently created some issues with Safari; this should now be fixed. (20 May 18; updated 6 Jun 18)

I will be co-organizing the 2019 Arizona Winter School on the topic of "Topology and Arithmetic." The dates will be March 2-6, 2019. The speakers will be Michael Hopkins, Jacob Lurie, Matthew Morrow, and Kirsten Wickelgren. (7 Mar 18)

I will be spending the 2018-19 academic year at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In particular, I will not be teaching any courses at UCSD during that time. (15 Jan 18)

The BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) program is hiring for summer 2018! We are looking for counselors/teaching assistants and faculty for residential programs in New York and nonresidential programs in NYC and Los Angeles. See the BEAM web site for more information. (3 Jan 18)


You can hear me in conversation on the theme "The Discrete and Continuous" in the latest episode of the podcast SynTalk (Synthesis Talk). (25 Dec 17)

The Clay Mathematics Institute called to say that I was PROBABLY going to receive a Millennium Prize, but that I would have to prove the Riemann Hypothesis and agree to a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway! (26 Nov 17)

The Simons Foundation has released a new video about the BEAM program. BEAM will be expanding from New York to Los Angeles in 2018. (14 Nov 17)

The Simons Foundation has announced a Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory and Computation. This includes some job openings at Boston University, Brown/ICERM, Dartmouth, Harvard, and MIT. (14 Jul 17; updated 8 Aug 17, 25 Aug 17, 22 Sep 17)

This is me looking puzzled at the National Puzzlers' League convention in Boston. (8 Jul 17)

The BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) program is coming to Los Angeles! (14 Apr 17)

Results from the 2016 Putnam competition are posted here. (7 Apr 17)

Read about BEAM: Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics in the New York Times! (17 Feb 17)

Lecture notes for Arizona Winter School 2017: Perfectoid Spaces are posted. (4 Feb 17)

To my colleagues: if you haven't done so already, you may wish to consider signing onto the Academics Against Immigration Executive Order online petition. (29 Jan 17)

Reminder: my old conference list in arithmetic geometry is no longer supported. See my new list instead. (29 Jan 17)

The website for the UTMOST (Undergraduate Teaching in Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks) project has been updated. (8 Jan 17)


The UTMOST (Undergraduate Teaching in Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks) project has been funded by NSF for another 2 years. The project website will be updated soon. (21 Sep 16)

The next Arizona Winter School, to be held March 11-15, 2017, will be on the topic of perfectoid spaces. The deadline to apply for funding has passed, but please register if you are planning to attend. Registration will close December 9; due to unprecedented interest in this AWS, we cannot guarantee your ability to participate if you do not register in time! (16 Nov 16)

The next Arizona Winter School, to be held March 11-15, 2017, will be on the topic of perfectoid spaces. As usual, funding will be available for some graduate students, but participation is open to all (subject to paying a registration fee). See the AWS web site to apply for funding and to participate in a project group; applications close November 11. (16 Sep 16)

Newly posted on my preprints page: two joint works with Ruochuan Liu, a slight pre-arXiv update to "Relative p-adic Hodge theory, 2" and the first version of our preprint on cohomology of p-adic local systems. (25 Aug 16)

Applications are open for the Oberwolfach Seminar on perfectoid spaces (an instructional conference for graduate students). Submit by August 14. (25 Jul 16)

Update: contrary to previous reports (including from me), I will be in residence at UCSD during the entire 2016-17 academic year. For further details, contact me directly. (1 Jul 16)

The L-Functions and Modular Forms Database has been officially released! (10 May 16)

To my funded colleagues: if you use Sage as much as (or more than) I do, I propose that you do what I did: get a professional membership to SageMathCloud as a way to promote further Sage development. (24 Apr 16)

The "Conferences" link at left has been updated. Instead of pointing to my old conference wiki, it now points to my front end to the MathMeetings database. MathMeetings can accommodate conference listings while allowing filtering by arXiv subject codes; for example, my front end filters for algebraic geometry and/or number theory. Also, entries can be added by any user (and then updated), reducing moderator bottleneck. I am planning to stop maintaining the conference wiki (except for rumors) by the end of 2016. (16 Mar 16; modified 9 Apr 16)

The current (online) issue of The Atlantic features an article which, among other things, describes the BEAM: Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics program run by the Art of Problem Solving Foundation, on whose board of directors I serve. (8 Feb 16)

There are no further postdoctoral positions in number theory available at UCSD for the 2016-17 academic year. (7 Feb 16)

The next Southern California Number Theory Day will be held Saturday, February 20 at UCSD. The speakers will be Ellen Eischen (Oregon), David Hansen (Columbia), Matthias Strauch (Indiana), and Jerry Wang (Princeton). (26 Jan 16)

I have begun the process of winding down my conference list in arithmetic geometry, in favor of the new site This site (originally developed for algebraic topology) uses a database backend, and so it can simultaneously cover all of mathematics while allowing filtering by arXiv subject codes (e.g., ag+nt = arithmetic geometry). Also, entries can be added by any user (and then updated), reducing moderator bottleneck. For a preview, take a look at this list of conferences generated via RSS feed. (25 Jan 16)

Oops, we did it again: my team, Setec Astronomy, won the MIT Mystery Hunt for the fourth time (but the first time since 2004). Since that makes us responsible for organizing the 2017 hunt, I'll let you decide whether congratulations or condolences are in order. (19 Jan 16)


I have just created a new page on my wiki: the Nonarchimedean Scottish Book. (17 Dec 15)

The latest issue of Nature contains an article on last week's conference at Oxford about Shinichi Mochizuki's work towards the ABC conjecture. Some comments from me are included (accurately). (16 Dec 15) Added 5 Jan 15: there has also been an article in Quanta, the magazine of the Simons Foundation.

Please note that I am no longer an editor for International Mathematics Research Notices. (16 Dec 15)

The Putnam archive has been updated for 2015. (12 Dec 15)

For those in the New York area: please consider joining me for the BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) Trivia Night fundraiser on December 1! BEAM, on whose board of directors I sit, is an amazing program designed to bring the riches of advanced extracurricular mathematics to underserved New York City public school students. If you can't make it, there is also a Board Games Night scheduled for December 14. (12 Nov 15)

I will be spending fall 2015 at ICERM (Providence, RI) as part of the semester program Computational aspects of the Langlands program. For additional information, see the program wiki. (6 Aug 15)


ProMath Arte, the organization behind the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program, is pleased to announce a new program: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education! Come to Budapest to observe, experience, and learn (in English) the "Hungarian method" of mathematical pedagogy. See here for more information. (2 Sep 14)

Congratulations to number theorist Manjul Bhargava for receiving a Fields Medal at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians! My photos from the opening ceremony, at which Bhargava received the prize, are posted here. (12 Aug 14)

The Putnam archive now has a new, hopefully permanent location. (16 Jan 14)


I've updated the backup of the AMC Putnam archive with the 2013 problems and solutions. These changes will ultimately be backported once the AMC archive goes back online. As usual, comments are welcome. (9 Dec 13)

The electronic version of the ANTS X proceedings volume is now posted! The print version will be available soon. (18 Nov 13)

The results and statistics from the 2012 Putnam competition are temporarily posted while MAA reorganizers their web hosting. See also the problems and solutions. (18 Apr 13)

The AMC Putnam archive is temporarily down while MAA rearranges their web site. The old files are currently posted here. (Thanks to Greg Kuperberg for providing the backup.) (29 Sep 13)

The next Southern California Number Theory Day will in fact be a three-day event September 20-22 on the general theme of Stark's conjectures. (2 Jun 13)


I am not teaching during the fall 2012 quarter. For my whereabouts, check my itinerary. (24 Sep 12)

The number theory seminar now has a web site. Talks are (mostly) Thursdays at 2 PM. (18 Jan 12)


The web page for the 10th Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-X) is available. (11 Sep 11)


The final paper in my series on semistable reduction for overconvergent F-isocrystals has been accepted for publication. I have updated the arXiv with the final version. (22 Jul 10)

I will be away from MIT during much of the 2010-11 academic year. See my itinerary for details. (14 Jul 10)


I will be away from MIT for most of the 2009-2010 academic year, visiting the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. I will be back in Boston periodically, though. During this time (as always), email is the best way to get hold of me. (26 Jul 09)

My office hours for spring 2009 will be Thursday 2:30-3:30. As usual, I can meet at other times by appointment (email works best), or if my door happens to be open. (24 Jan 09)


The web site for my spring course 18.726 is here. (22 Dec 08)

Registration for the 2008 Putnam competition at MIT is now open; sign up in 2-108 before Friday, October 10 to be guaranteed a spot in the competition. For more about the Putnam at MIT, see my Putnam@MIT page. (2 Oct 08)

The web site for my fall course 18.022 is here. (16 Aug 08; updated 4 Sep 08)

Recently added to my publications page: the current version of my course notes on p-adic differential equations (from fall 2007), and the fourth and final installment of my series on semistable reduction for overconvergent F-isocrystals. (21 Feb 08)


Problems and solutions from the 2007 Putnam competition, held December 1, are posted as usual at the AMC Putnam archive. (3 Dec 07)

My paper "Semistable reduction for overconvergent F-isocrystals, I: Unipotence and logarithmic extension" has now appeared in Compositio Mathematica. (5 Oct 07)

Registration for the 2007 Putnam competition is now open; it will close on Wednesday, October 9 (not October 5 as I previously wrote). Sign up in the undergraduate math office (2-108). (26 Sep 07; edited 5 Oct 07)

I started a page about my topics course 18.787 for next semester, but don't expect much content there until later in the summer. (1 Jun 07)

Since many students ask about UROP, I created a page to address this. (15 May 07)

Results from the 2006 Putnam competition are now available. I have individual results for MIT participants. Aggregate results are posted at the AMC Putnam archive. (3 Apr 07)

It is now official: effective July 1, 2007, my job title will change to Associate Professor without tenure. (6 Mar 07)

The notes for my Arizona Winter School lectures (March 10-14) are posted on the AWS wiki. (2 Mar 07)

I'm working on a new wiki page called Putnam@MIT, containing information about the administration of the Putnam exam here at MIT. (22 Feb 07)


My paper "Fourier transforms and p-adic 'Weil II'" appears in the November issue of Compositio Mathematica. (5 Aug 06; edited 24 Nov 06)

AMC has rearranged the web site, so the Putnam archive has a new URL; it is here. Problems and solutions from the 2006 Putnam can be found there. (15 Nov 06; edited 11 Dec 06)

My list of conferences in arithmetic geometry now runs on a wiki, so anyone can add or edit listings. (24 Sep 06)

Students at MIT wishing to participate in the 2006 Putnam competition can sign up in 2-108 between now and October 13. (22 Sep 06)

My paper "Finiteness of rigid cohomology with coefficients" has appeared in Duke Mathematical Journal; I now have a big pile of bulky reprints that I'd love to give away! (6 Jul 06; edited 11 Aug 06)

I am taking down the 18.024 home page; let me know if you want your final exam grade by email. (6 Jun 06)

My office hours on Wednesday, May 18, will be 1-2:30 instead of 12:30-1:30. (Warning: even so, I may be a bit late, so don't despair if I'm not there at 1:00 sharp.) I'll also be in Friday 4-5. (15 May 06; updated 16 May 06)

No office hours on Wednesday, May 10; make an appointment by email instead. Thanks. (2 May 06)

My office hours on April 19 will be moved to 11:30-12:30; that's an hour earlier than usual, and 1.5 hours earlier than at the start of the semester. (12 Apr 06)

I'm working on some notes on my slope filtration theorem, which include a generalization to the case of relative Frobenius; you'll find this on my preprints page currently under the title "Notes on slope filtrations". (6 Apr 06)

I've started accepting requests by email for Putnam scores from MIT students; however, please be patient as I may get a number of them at once. Richard Stanley can also provide scores. (6 Apr 06)

I have individual Putnam scores at MIT from Hartley Rogers, but a few are illegible on the fax I received. In any case, you are welcome to come by and inquire about your own score; beware however that my schedule on Tuesdays is somewhat hectic, and you are likely to have better luck Wednesday before 12 (I have a faculty meeting 12-1). (3 Apr 06)

The results from the 2005 Putnam competition are now posted at the, including the AMC Putnam archive. Hartley Rogers has promised me a copy of the MIT individual results by Monday; at that point you can come see me for your score. Please don't ask by email; the last thing I need is 150 emails about Putnam scores! (31 Mar 06; edited 31 Mar 06)

In parallel with the overall reorganization of my web site into personal and professional sections, I will be separating news items accordingly; in particular, my personal page now has a news section. (27 Mar 06)

I'm shifting my Wednesday office hours a half hour earlier, so they now run 12:30-1:30 (as they did last semester). (8 Mar 06)

I split the list of questions of interest off of my notes for potential students, with the idea that I might update the list a bit more often than before. (27 Jan 06)

For those who need to see me on registration day (February 7): I will probably not be in that day before 1 PM. (25 Jan 06; edited 26 Jan 06)

I've updated a few things on my publications page; in particular, I'm now distributing the whole of Geometry Unbound as an open-source e-book. Also, my paper on computing Picard numbers of surfaces, and its associated Magma code, are posted. (18 Jan 06)


I set up OpenPGP on my email, and updated my public key (which I am now using to sign outgoing emails). (19 Dec 05)

I've started a realignment of my web page, in which non-work-related content will migrate to my Athena account. (9 Dec 05)

Photos from my Thanksgiving vacation in Hawaii are now online. (8 Dec 05)

I've posted problems and solutions from this year's Putnam exam (held December 3) at the AMC Putnam archive. The solutions have been revised several times now and so should be reasonably stable. (8 Dec 05)

There will be a joint organizational meeting for the seminars BAGS (the Baby Algebraic Geometry Seminar) and STAGE (the Seminar on Topics in Arithmetic, Geometry, Etc.) on Tuesday (registration day) at 1 PM in 2-132. First priority: scheduling permanent meeting times for both seminars for the semester. (2 Sep 2005)

I just posted a bunch of new photos; see my photos page. (2 Jul 2005)

I am traveling a lot this summer (as usual); see my itinerary for details. (10 Jun 2005)

This summer, I plan (and I mean it this time!) to spend some time revising my notes on Euclidean geometry, with the goal being a book-quality manuscript. See my publications page for progress reports and partial versions, such as the Part I posted now. (14 May 2005)

Since several people have asked: I do not have individual MIT Putnam results. Those will be reaching Hartley Rogers in a mailing that should be coming any day now. (22 Mar 05) Addendum: Hartley is back, and he has the MIT individual scores; check in with him to find out yours. Also check out Tuesday's Tech piece on MIT's repeat win! (30 Mar 05)

Putnam 2004 results are now posted here. (21 Mar 05)

The spring semester is underway! I'm pretty busy this term with two classes to teach; check my weekly schedule to figure out when I might be available. (1 Feb 05)

Registration is officially open for the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics reunion, scheduled for June 15-23 in Budapest. See the BSM web page for more details. (21 Jan 05)

This year's MIT Mystery Hunt has (finally) come and gone; you can see the results of the handiwork of my team (Setec Astronomy) at the Mystery Hunt web site. (17 Jan 05)

At last, my paper "A p-adic local monodromy theorem" has appeared, at least electronically, in Annals of Mathematics; see their web site for the final version. (7 Jan 05)


I've posted a new preprint called "Slope filtrations revisited", which gives a second generation exposition of my slope filtration theorem. Comments welcome! (23 Dec 04)

Come see the MIT Chamber Chorus on Sunday, November 14, at 8 PM in Kresge! Here's our program. (11 Nov 04)

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday! (31 Oct 04)

I've added a running commentary on the current status of the "Semistable reduction" papers to my papers and preprints page, so I don't plan to post further updates here. (19 Oct 04)

Check out the NPR Morning Edition piece on Manjul Bhargava! (19 Oct 04)

My web site seems to have had at least one practical application. (8 Oct 04)

Anyone need a roommate for the AMS meeting in January? I intend to arrive Tuesday and depart Saturday. (7 Oct 04)

The Dwork trimester proceedings, containing my paper "Full faithfulness for overconvergent F-isocrystals", has finally appeared; I just got my copy in the mail! (3 Oct 04)

I have some spare Gmail invites if anyone needs one. (18 Sep 04)

I decided to split "Semistable reduction II" into two papers; the first of the two is now posted, while the second (which becomes "Semistable reduction III") should be ready by early October. (5 Sep 04)

I have finally completed a complete rewrite of my paper "Semistable reduction I". As for "Semistable reduction II", I will be working on a revised version of it over the next few weeks; watch this space for updates. (1 Sep 04)

I just moved, to the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. If you'd like to see my new place sometime, let me know. (30 Aug 04)

I have a question that might be suitable for a UROP, except that it requires class field theory. If you know what that is and are interested, let me know. (28 Jul 04)

I'm going to be out of town from July 30 to August 13; the best way to reach me during that time is via email. (25 Jul 04)

Ravi Vakil just directed me to an announcement about an AMS-sponsored massive algebraic geometry conference next summer. (15 Jul 04; corrected 17 Jul 04)

I am attempting to clear some of the spam from this account. It will help if you send your mail to me at my address rather than my address. Thank you! (27 Jun 04)

It's official: the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics reunion is on for June 15-23, 2005, in Budapest. See here for more information, or to pre-register. (27 Jun 04)

Hey Boston-area word puzzle/game junkies! The National Puzzlers' League annual convention will be held at the Cambridge Marriott July 8-11; see the NPL web site for more information. (27 Jun 04)

New update of "Semistable reduction II" posted. Changes from the previous version are concentrated in the chapters doing geometry in characteristic p. (9 Jun 04)

I just posted photos from my stopover in Iceland! (31 May 04)

I will be out of town for much of June: see my itinerary for the gory details. (26 May 04)

I found another buried technical flaw in "Semistable reduction II", and had to rewrite again. The result is again posted in an incomplete state; if the current argument turns out to be free of any more serious flaws, I'll start trying to write it up legibly later in the summer. (26 May 04)

My "Semistable reduction I" paper is now posted on the arXiv and submitted for publication. I also reposted "Finiteness of rigid cohomology with coefficients" and "Fourier transforms and p-adic 'Weil II'" to the arXiv. (4 May 04)

The web page for my course next fall, 18.727, is now officially on-line, though it doesn't yet have much on it. (3 May 04)

I've posted another sketchy version of "Semistable reduction II", having straightened out some technical problems but not filled in some less troublesome details yet. (11 May 04)

Come hear the MIT Chamber Chorus in our spring concert this Saturday! (4 May 04)

From the "How did I let myself get talked into this?" department: I have been added as a last-minute replacement speaker at this weekend's Duke Mathematical Journal conference. Wish me luck. (21 Apr 04)

In case any of you is trying to read my "Semistable reduction II" preprint: you might want to wait until I post a new version, hopefully in the next week or two. The current version carries a lot of the main ideas, but has some rather boring technical problems that I'm working through now. (19 Apr 04)

I just got an NSF grant proposal accepted! (15 Apr 04)

I just found out that Steve Olson will be reading from his new book Count Down: Six Kids Vie for Glory at the World's Toughest Math Competition at the MIT Whitehead Institute (not Harvard Book Store as previously reported) at 6 PM on April 22. I'll definitely be there, if for no other reason than that I make a cameo appearance at the end of the book; all are encouraged to attend. (22 Mar 04; updated 7 Apr 04)

My "Semistable reduction II" preprint is now in a state where I can post a very premature draft. See my papers page. (Note: it is no longer the end of the series; there is a third paper to follow.) (18 Mar 04)

Putnam results are now online here. (18 Mar 04)

I just posted a preliminary version of a paper I just wrote for the ANTS VI proceedings. It's due in a few days, so quick comments would be welcome. (6 Mar 04)

It now turns out that I have even more excess Japanese yen than I did before, well over $1000 worth. If you want to exchange with me, let me know. (19 Feb 04)

As per my itinerary, I'll be out of town February 14-22. (13 Feb 04)

Notes for the talk I'm giving in Tokyo next week, "Relative Robba rings and pushforwards in rigid cohomology," are now online. (10 Feb 04)

I'm back from my Asia trip, and following on the heels of my euro surplus, I now have a surplus of Japanese yen (almost a thousand dollars' worth). If anyone wants to exchange some, let me know. (4 Feb 04)

Slides for my talk "p-adic Lafforgue: a road map" at the AMS-MAA Joint Meetings in Phoenix are now posted. (5 Jan 04)