Kiran S. (Sridhara) Kedlaya (he/him/él/il)

Professor of Mathematics
Stefan E. Warschawski Chair in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Room 7202
University of California San Diego (no comma!)
La Jolla, CA 92093-0112 (land acknowledgment, variant)
email: kedlaya[at]ucsd[dot]edu (public key)
voicemail: (+1) 858-534-2629 (no live phone)
headshot: jpg (Laurie DeWitt, 2019)
me on: arXiv, GitHub, NSF-PAR, ORCID, UC open access

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This petition asks arXiv to create a separate subject code for arithmetic geometry. (22 Aug 23)

The Arizona Winter School is now able to accept donations! Please help to perpetuate one of the oldest, most successful instructional conferences in mathematics. (4 Mar 22)

Fast facts (see also my CV)

Teaching for 2023-2024: None. I will be visiting IAS for most of the year, participating in the special year on p-adic geometry. I will continue to hold office hours for PhD students over Zoom; email me to schedule.

See also my past courses.

Research areas: number theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry. Specialties: p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic/nonarchimedean analytic geometry, p-adic differential equations, algorithms in arithmetic geometry (particularly related to L-functions), interactions between arithmetic geometry and computer science (cryptography, coding theory, etc.). For more, see my questions of interest.

Editorial boards: Nagoya Mathematical Journal, L-Functions and Modular Forms Database. In addition, I am on the program committee for ANTS-XVI.

Boards of directors:

Current grants: NSF grant DMS-2053473 (sole PI); NSF RTG grant DMS-1502651 (co-PI); UC San Diego, Stefan E. Warschawski Chair. I am also an advisory board member for the UTMOST Project (interactive open-source mathematics textbooks), the Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry (including the Arizona Winter School), and the PRiME REU; and an associated scientist of the Simons Collaboration on Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory and Computation.

Professional societies: American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Association for Women in Mathematics, National Association of Mathematicians.

Software projects: I am an active user and developer of the SageMath open-source computer algebra system. I am a contributor to the LMFDB. Some of my other projects, including Math 157, can be found on GitHub.

Other websites: I am a curator for MathMeetings, from which my conference list in arithmetic geometry is now derived. I maintain the Putnam Archive within this website; however, Daniel Kane serves as the UCSD Putnam coordinator and teaches the Putnam seminar (Math 96).

Social justice: My work with the BEAM program seeks to create pathways to STEM careers for high-potential K-12 students from underserved backgrounds. I am a proud alum of the PCMI-IAS Workshop on Rehumanizing Mathematics led by the phenomenal Rochelle Gutiérrez. I am a Math Alliance mentor. I identify as first-gen.

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Wide view of Kahnop artwork Narrow view of Kahnop artwork
Excerpt from KAHNOP • TO TELL A STORY, UC San Diego campus, 2022. See also these excerpts, this excerpt, and this excerpt.