Abelian and nonabelian Chabauty: reading course

This is the home page for a reading course to be held at UC San Diego during the fall 2019 and winter 2020 quarters, in preparation for the 2020 Arizona Winter School. The topic is the abelian (Chabauty-Coleman) and nonabelian (Chabauty-Kim, Balakrishnan-Dogra) methods for rigorously finding all rational points on suitable curves over number fields.

During the winter quarter, the seminar will meet Fridays 9:30-11:00 in APM 7218.

During the fall quarter, the seminar met Fridays 10:30-12:00 in APM 5829.

Possible additional topics and suggested readings:

For additional suggestions, see the web pages of the Emory NACHOS seminar and the Emory QUICHE seminar.