18.786: Topics in Algebraic Number Theory

This course was the home page for the MIT class 18.786 (Topics in Algebraic Number Theory), for the spring 2006 semester. This class was intended as a first course in algebraic number theory for students familiar with elementary number theory and undergraduate abstract algebra. Topics covered include number fields, class numbers, Dirichlet's units theorem, cyclotomic fields, local fields, valuations, decomposition and inertia groups, ramification, basic analytic methods, and basic class field theory.

Quick information

Instructor: Kiran Kedlaya
Grader: Ruochuan Liu
Lectures: TR 11-12:30, room 2-102
Office hours: Wed 12:30-1:30, or by appointment, or drop-in
Homeworks due: Thursdays in lecture

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These corrections have now been made on the PDF files for archival purposes; I kept the corrections listed for the benefit of students who took the course and may have copies of the uncorrected originals.