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Notes on prismatic cohomology

Kiran S. Kedlaya
Department of Mathematics
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA, USA
January 18, 2024
These are notes from a graduate topics course 1  given at UC San Diego during the spring 2021 quarter; recordings of the lectures can be found at the same web site. The notes were typeset using PreTeXt 2  so as to produce matching HTML 3  and PDF 4  versions.
The course was closely modeled on [18], which in turn presented material from [25]. No claim of originality is made except for errors.
These notes have benefited greatly from comments from participants in the original course, as well as subsequent feedback from Pierre Deligne, Peng Du, Shane Kelly, Ruochuan Liu, Akhil Mathew, J.P. Pridham, David Savitt, Tobias Shin, and Yuri Sulyma.